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Elegant self-service websites made in Edinburgh

Selected Projects:

Siobhan Mooney Interior Design website screenshot

Siobhan Mooney Interior Design

We worked with Gail Turpin Design on this site for her client Siobhan Mooney, an experienced interior designer.  Siobhan's elegant interiors are reflected in a clean layout and showcased with large, resizing, photographs.

The John Byrne Award website screenshot

The John Byrne Award

This is a great project to be involved with. The site is content rich, and the multi-media galleries accomodate the wide variety of entries that the competition receives.  There's some nice scaling of the layout too, and we got to work with beautiful drawings by John Byrne himself.

Urbanangel - cafes & catering website screenshot

Urbanangel - cafes & catering

We built this site in collaboration with Gail Turpin Design. Sophisticated code and features abound: the pages scale (including type) to carefully set proportions for users browsers; cafe staff can easily arrange and update menus (and other pages) with clever automatic styling.

James Hutchison Garden Design website screenshot

James Hutchison Garden Design

James commissioned a new identity and website from Bremner Design, who we worked to build a lovely clean site.  Angus Bremner went out on location to some of James' recent projects, adding gorgeous photographs (including the page backgrounds).

The Laughing Stock website screenshot

The Laughing Stock

Jack & Amy of The Laughing Stock are serious cooks with a lovely sense of humour.  We worked with illustrator (and previous client) Anna Wright to make a fun site.  BEWARE: skillfully made street food.

The Writing Room website screenshot

The Writing Room

One of the UK's top book editors, Maggie McKernan, wanted a creative new website for her literary consultancy. Maggie's approachable style is reflected in our illustrated, friendly new site.

Loudons Cafe & Bakery website screenshot

Loudons Cafe & Bakery

A new cafe & bakery on Fountainbridge, Loudons is sure to become an Edinburgh institution.  Other than being tortured by pictures of cake we've really enjoyed this project.  Illustrations are by previous client David Faithfull.

Anna Wright Illustration website screenshot

Anna Wright Illustration

Anna needed a site to showcase her portfolio of illustrations. The new layout has personality, without distracting from the work. And we had some fun with a lively loading animation!

Angus Bremner Photography website screenshot

Angus Bremner Photography

The clean and uncluttered layout of Angus' new site shows his beautiful photographs large-scale, and to their best advantage.

Jenny Capon Illustration website screenshot

Jenny Capon Illustration

Jenny's illustrations are full of fun (and creatures), and can be viewed large via our popular scaling image system. Congratulations are also due to Jenny on the imminent launch of her first book!

David Faithfull website screenshot

David Faithfull

We were asked to build a visually interesting but easy-to-browse site for David's extensive artistic output.

The result is a quirky, individual interface.

Edinburgh Art Studies website screenshot

Edinburgh Art Studies

Ann Buchanan commissioned us to build a colourful and lively brochure site for her varied programme of art and art history courses.

Kirkhill Pillar Project website screenshot

Kirkhill Pillar Project

Artlink Edinburgh's ambitious public art project needed a multi-media web presence to provide visitor information and an in-depth history of the sculptures.

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust website screenshot

The RS Macdonald Charitable Trust

We were asked to build a site that was simple to use and adhered to W3C Standards. Applicants can now easily access and download up-to-date information.

Adam Barker-Mill website screenshot

Adam Barker-Mill

Adam knew how he wanted the site to look; we did the build and included some sophisticated full-screen slideshows to display his spectacular light installations.

Elizabeth Ogilvie website screenshot

Elizabeth Ogilvie

With an archive of artworks covering more than 30 years, and clear design ideas, Elizabeth wanted a pared down layout that would efficiently display a large amount of content.

And The Ghosts So Silver website screenshot

And The Ghosts So Silver

Writer Alice Maddicott needed a simple portfolio site, which we based around a specially commissioned illustration by Alice Stevenson.

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